We often take the energy and water available to us for granted, with the expectation that such services will always be there when required. In order to help reduce consumption, EHDC is taking steps to help minimize the water and energy needed for certain activities. By integrating smart technologies and green infrastructure into the design of homes and their surrounding area, fewer resources will be needed to perform normal daily activities, such as flushing the toilet and space heating.

The EHDC designed the Energy Strategy to deliver a low-carbon, energy efficient, economically vibrant community. Through strategic building design, employing energy efficiency and high levels of insulation, energy requirements should be minimized and heat loss reduced. Where these measures do not achieve targets, other methods such as PV will be considered, especially on apartments, so residents can generate electricity from their own roof spaces. The new development will also explore the provision for maximising thermal mass in all buildings, which will enable storage of solar heat in summer, reducing the risk of overheating and ensure a more comfortable internal temperature.

Sustainable water management and water availability are central to the development at Bordon Garrison, both for the community and local wildlife. Every effort is being made to reduce the quantity of water used within homes and business without disruption to normal life and work. Both grey and green water solutions will be considered. If recycled properly grey water can save approximately 70 litres of potable water per person per day in domestic households.