Our targets for carbon and water neutrality

We will create a low carbon community. We will work with others to clarify and strengthen the definition and understanding of this concept. We will monitor and reduce the carbon footprint of the whole town by encouraging environmentally sustainable design and living. If possible, we will aim for the whole town to be “carbon neutral” by 2036.

This will mean that use of carbon in the whole of the town, including the new development, will not exceed the current carbon footprint, (and we will calculate exactly what this is!)

By using the existing water supply carefully and by reducing demand and wastage, we plan for the town to be “water neutral”.    This means that the water used in the whole of the town including new development, will not exceed current levels

How we will achieve these targets:

  • By helping people understand how small changes in their daily lives will save money and contribute towards reducing their impact on the planet.
  • Providing new and upgraded infrastructure that provides locally generated and managed energy that responds to local needs, provides security of supply and resilience against fluctuations in fossil fuel prices.
  • By providing small energy centres around the town that support the employment and housing areas to the north of the town and in the proposed town centre.
  • By providing the right environment for jobs (particularly ‘green’ jobs) to flourish in the town, helping to train people in design, building and installation of energy and water efficiency measures to improve new and existing homes.
  • All buildings will be designed to use the minimal amount of energy and water to reduce the town’s carbon footprint.