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The setting of Whitehill & Bordon is one of the town’s selling points; the area boasts several areas designated for their ecological value, which is explained in the Green Infrastructure Strategy.

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To the north of the town are Broxhead and Kingsley commons; to the south is Woolmer Forest.

These local heathlands and woodlands provide habitats to a wide range of species. In fact the parish of Whitehill is home to all 12 of the native reptiles and amphibians such as the natterjack toad, grass snake and great crested newt.

It is therefore important that the natural environment exerts a strong influence on the way the town is regenerated.

The delivery of the masterplan will see important improvements to existing greenspaces within the town, providing better links to new and existing facilities and services.

Further information about the benefits of green spaces can be found on websites run by central government and its supporting agencies:

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