Whitehill & Bordon has been selected as an NHS England Healthy New Town. This means that future development will build upon our green town vision to make Whitehill & Bordon a green and healthy town. This will not incur significant additional cost but will reap huge benefits in terms of health and wellbeing and efficiency savings.

As a Green and healthy town we will radically upgrade our plans for the built environment to encourage healthy weights and minds. This will prevent long-term conditions and promote independence and social inclusion in the ageing population. We will also be able to rationalise underutilized NHS estate with potential to generate capital receipts.

The redevelopment seeks to demonstrate an intense commitment to a truly sustainable community based on developing a sense of place and belonging for those who will live and work there. The idea is to create a town that encourages living and working in ways that do not waste our natural resources, by promoting a “One Planet Living” approach.