The new town will be designed with Health and well-being at its heart. We will deliver a broad range of social and economic facilities to encourage social interaction, while also making it easier to live more active and healthy lives.

The new development will seamlessly connect natural and wild places with our town and community leisure facilities. 27 miles of new footpaths and cycle routes are being developed to reduce dependence on car journeys. This will provide direct access from all parts of the town to the town centre in the form of a Green Grid and green Loop.

In addition, 130 hectares of new and improved open space is being provided in Whitehill & Bordon, enabling nature to permeate the whole town. This will comprise of 85 hectares of Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace and 45 hectares of formal and informal green spaces including parks, civic squares and neighbourhood green spaces.

The proposed development has planned for the provision of flexible grow-your-own facilities which will cater for residents who are keen to grow local produce such as fruit and vegetables. Growing healthy food locally makes it easier to make the healthy choice, while also contributing directly to the local economy.