Business travel

Business travel

Business travel: Help staff in Whitehill & Bordon cut their carbon footprint

This page provides information for businesses to encourage their staff to use sustainable forms of transport.


  • Less land required for parking (reduced maintenance costs and the possibility of using the land for profitable use)
  • Increased staff retention and recruitment through making the site easier to access and providing benefits to assist with the journey to work
  • Reduced congestion leading to more efficient business travel
  • Reduce on site parking issues
  • Corporate social responsibility improvements and improved public image of the company

How to help staff reduce their reliance on cars

Walking and cycling

  • Provide showers, changing facilities and lockers
  • Provide information about walking and cycling routes to the site
  • Interest-free loans for buying bicycles
  • Cycle to Work scheme (tax free cycle hire scheme)
  • Start a Bicycle Users Group (BUG)
  • Pool bikes and/or mileage allowances (to encourage business travel by bicycle where appropriate)

Public transport

  • Provide information on local public transport (timetables, route maps, etc.)
  • Interest-free loans to buy season tickets
  • Negotiation of discounts for staff

Car sharing

  • Set up a car share database  – or use Whitehill & Bordon’s Liftshare scheme
  • Priority parking for car sharers
  • Emergency ride home scheme

Smarter working

  • Teleconferencing
  • Flexible working
  • Home working
  • Compressed hours (for example ‘nine day fortnights’ – instead of 10 day fortnights)

Other measures

  • Personalised travel planning (discussing travel and transport requirements on a one-to-one basis)
  • Car park management (e.g. parking charges or the use of permits for parking spaces)

For more information please contact the Workplace Travel Plan Team at Hampshire County Council on 01962 846815 or

You can also visit Hampshire County Council’s travel plan web pages.