What is Xchange?

Xchange was established to support the existing 14,000 residents in the town through the regeneration process, and to help integrate the circa 7,000 new residents. To do this, Xchange brings together partners (public, private and voluntary) from across the town to identify common issues and concerns of the community, and identify how these can be overcome.

The four main objectives of Xchange are to:

1. Enable residents to be informed and empowered during the regeneration process;

2. Identify community needs, gaps and concerns, and identify a proactive response;

3. Identify, promote and celebrate good community news; and

4. Help foster a real sense of community spirit, by encouraging the coming together of new and existing residents.

The Terms of Reference (ToR) for Xchange can be found here.

Who is represented on Xchange?

As of June 2019, Xchange is chaired by:

· Chair: Cllr Sally Pond (of East Hampshire District Council)

· Deputy Chair: Cllr Andy Tree (of Whitehill Town Council)

As of June 2019, Xchange membership comprises the following individuals/groups (in alphabetical order):

· Barratt & David Wilson Homes

· Community First

· East Hampshire District Council (both councillors and officers)

· Hampshire County Council (both councillor and officers)

· Local Churches

· Radian

· Whitehill & Bordon Community Association

· Whitehill & Bordon Community Trust

· Whitehill & Bordon Regeneration Company

· Whitehill & Bordon Town Partnership

· Whitehill Town Council (both councillors and officers)

The Chair invites additional speakers/officers/groups to Xchange to present and answer questions as and when required.

What is discussed at Xchange?

A critical role of Xchange is how members work together to respond to issues, concerns and queries from the community. Xchange will consider anything which is raised by the community. Notwithstanding this, those topics of continued discussion and action are:

· The new relief road;

· St Lucia Empty Houses;

· Employment;

· Health (including Chase Community Hospital); and

· The new town centre.

As and when appropriate, members and invited speakers will prepare updates. Here are the most recent updates:

When does Xchange meet and how can I get in contact?

Xchange meets every 6 weeks. If you wish to raise an issue and/or concern, then please email us at whitehillandbordon@easthants.gov.uk and/or call us on 01730 234329.