The Bordon Inclosure has been improved with new footpaths, cycle tracks and picnic areas – as well as features to help wildlife flourish.

£800,000 of funding was raised for this project through contributions by developers working on the transformation of Quebec Park and Louisburg Barracks as part of the Whitehill & Bordon Regeneration Project.

The improvements made to Bordon Inclosure, which were completed in April 2016, have opened up the area to enable more sunlight to enter the site and support local plant species, encouraging a large variety of wildlife to flourish.

Children are able to enjoy play areas created from natural materials with features such as logs and mounds.

The Phoenix Theatre & Arts Centre spearheaded a Community Arts Project, as part of the overall improvements, to design a number of installations for the area and is encouraging the local community to get involved.

These improvements ensure Whitehill & Bordon’s wonderful natural environments can be enjoyed by all.