The Green Loop

 As part of our vision for Whitehill & Bordon to be a green healthy and connected town, a Green Loop is currently being installed and, upon completion, will include the following:

  • A 7km loop encircling, and connecting, the new and existing town. It will provide a high quality, safe and well-signed route, which connects the town’s greenspaces such as: the Deadwater Valley Local Nature Reserve (LNR),  Hogmoor Inclosure and Bordon Inclosure. All of which are managed by the Deadwater Valley Trust (DVT), Bordon Inclosure managed on behalf of the Whitehill Town Council and Hogmoor Inclosure in conjunction with the Whitehill & Bordon Community Trust and The Land Trust.  Plus, it will connect the Pocket Parks (Honey Pin Orchard and Nut Tree Meadow), the residential areas across the town, employment and town centre areas;
  • A secondary network of footpaths and cycle routes connecting the town to the Green Loop
  • Signage, landmarks and public realm enhancements – to support navigating your way around the town.

How is this being funded and who is delivering it?

The Green Loop Project is being delivered by East Hampshire District (EHDC) and Hampshire County Council (HCC) and funded from the EM3 Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) and developers’ contributions. The links within the new development sites are being delivered by the developers.

Why are we doing this?

The delivery of the Green Loop will help to create new, and enhance existing, walking and cycling routes in and around the town necessary to increase active travel.  The aim is to reduce car journeys and encourage people to walk and cycle for commuting, leisure and exercise purposes.

When will it all be completed?

The Green Loop should be finished by the end of 2022, COVID-19 dependent. For further updates please visit Hampshire County Council here.

The Green Loop – Map

Wayfinding Project

As part of the Green Loop project, the Wayfinding Project will help make it easier for pedestrians and cyclists to navigate and move around the town.  The Wayfinding Project will be installing signage, landmarks and public realm enhancements to help navigate your way around the loop.

East Hampshire District Council is working with Urban Place Lab and Hampshire County Council with the support of Whitehill Town Council to develop the Green Loop project through the Wayfinding Project. Making is easier for everyone to navigate and move around the town.

What has happened so far?

A number of community engagement activities were carried out in November 2020. This involved:

  • The distribution of 750 school packs;
  • The delivery of 5 online workshops with landowners and the community; and
  • Site visits with stakeholders.

The key messages from the community online workshops sessions on key aspects that were important to them were:

Colour – Careful choice of colour, Heathland based colours have been chosen in keeping with Bordon’s Landscape.

Consistency – Wayfinding items to be consistent for legibility around the Loop.

Convenience – Making sure the network is convenient for use.

The key messages from the engagement with the school via activity packs were:

Active– Opportunity to be active such as cycle paths, trails and skateboarding.

Play – Play equipment such as swings, slides, adventure play or play areas.

Rest – Places of rest such as benches, tables, rain and sun shelter.

What is happening now?

As a result of these community workshops over 40 wayfinding items in and around the Green Loop have been installed. A sensitive use of colour which is consistent with the town’s heathland surroundings has been adopted, whilst ensuring the designs are consistent, yet bespoke to Whitehill & Bordon help create a sense of discovery, reward, rest and play. These items are also being built by local suppliers. The items include:

  • 6x large totems;
  • 15x smaller totems;
  • 4x benches;
  • 10x large blocks;
  • 11x small blocks; and
  • 3x stacker blocks.

For more information on summary of material used, colour palette, location and images of the wayfinding project please read here.

What is happening next?

The next stage will be using points of interest to create a sense of discovery, reward, rest and play called “Diamond Moments”, this is something that local children within the school’s engagement said they wanted.

In October 2021, volunteers planted 4,500 spring flower bulbs of 9 variations at a community bulb planting event. Read more about the event here.

The Solstice Winter Walk identified areas of additional directional signage and a location for our next Diamond Moment on Quebec Terrace gardens. This viewpoint proposal has been agreed with Whitehill Town Council Committee in March 2022.

The Diamond Moment complete with log stacks, tree planting, wood piles, steps and public realm improvements to create the opportunity for future community activities, seating, climbing and play opportunities and discovery in the woodland. A place to engage with nature, use your imagination, picnic, enhance biodiversity and create a mindful moment to pause. Read more about the Quebec Terrace Diamond Moment here.

How can I get involved?

Whitehill Town Council are producing drone footage transforming you to a day in the life of the Green Loop. Keep an eye out for this at key locations in the town and on social media to share with your friends and family.

The Charity Walk for Peace (CWFP) is calling for local community groups to work together and raise funds for charities and not-for-profit organisations, across East Hampshire.

The CWFP platform provides a wonderful way for small, local charities to engage with each other and raise valuable funds for projects on the CWFP platform.

The walk, which raises thousands of pounds for different charities every year, is being held in Whitehill & Bordon for the first time.

Local organisations and groups that provide a service to the community can apply to be one of this year’s beneficiary for both grant-funded projects and volunteer support by signing up by Friday 8 April.  Apply from the link below 

Apply to receive money from the Charity Walk for Peace 2022

For more information on the walk for peace contact or call 07775011671 

Betterpoints app is a points system which uses technology to record activity, points can be exchanged for rewards such as prize-draws, vouchers, or donate to charity. To find out more read Sarah-Jane’s success story here or find out more here.

Spring Into Health  You can earn double Betterpoints during the Spring Into Health events this month. For more information on the event see here. Betterpoints will be giving everyone who has earned A to B Ambassador status double points for their active journeys in Whitehill and Bordon. All you have to do is refer one friend to the A to B challenge to trigger these boosted rewards.

Planning Awards 2022. We are so excited to announce the Green Loop Wayfinding Project Whitehill & Bordon has been shortlisted in the Award for best use of arts, culture or sport in placemaking category at the Planning Awards 2022. East Hampshire District Council is working with Urban Place Lab and Hampshire County Council with the support of Whitehill Town Council and Whitehill & Bordon Regeneration Company to develop the Green Loop project through the Wayfinding Project and would like to thank them all to their contribution to this great project. Fingers crossed for June when winner is announced!

Want to know more?

We have gathered a selection of frequently asked questions on the Green Loop and Wayfinding project for your information. Please take a look here.

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