Advanced engineering and automotive

Building on the legacy of the School of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering the town has the potential to create a link between the economic centres of aerospace and defence to the north at Farnborough and marine to the south in Portsmouth and Southampton.  Major research strengths at University of Southampton and Surrey will support R&D and commercialisation.


Capitalising on the growth of digital technologies and businesses associated with data capture, analysis, monitoring and management, especially in relation to smart transport and intelligent systems for energy, health, home management etc. as these complement and support the town’s sustainable community and economic regeneration.  Cyber security will be an important element of this to ensure data is handled and stored securely.

Renewable Energy Technologies

Carbon reduction and energy saving work encompasses new developments, retro fit of existing housing stock, renewable energy, transport and green products and services.  Renewable energy projects – Urban Solar PV Farm;  biomass resource e.g. wood fuel to farmyard waste, with opportunities to explore solar thermal, air and ground source heat, and district heating.  Smart electricity technologies such as meters, thermostats, appliances and lights that enable real-time adjustments in how much electricity is being used.  EV charging points at locations across the district and charging technology.  Energy efficiency services so businesses can become more energy, product innovations which reduce resource intensity (the amount of resource needed for production, consumption and disposal).

Sustainable construction

Linked to the town’s own growth and development, making the most of opportunities associated with the construction of the town and its housing, education, health, leisure, retail and commercial space.  In addition significant opportunities associated with the potential to retrofit the existing housing stock and commercial premises.

The business opportunity 

  • Space on the technical training area for fabrication and manufacture
  • Development land to build new facilities for business growth and expansion
  • Research & development base in the Business Enterprise Centre for new technologies deployed in town
  • Management and monitoring centres for systems deployed throughout the town
  • Cross sector collaboration in technology solutions in energy, transport, health, environmental sustainability etc.