Whitehill & Bordon Residents’ Survey

The Whitehill & Bordon Residents’ Survey was carried out in Spring 2018. 

Thank you to all residents who took the time to complete the survey which was distributed to a random sample of 1510 households.  Results from the survey have been shared and discussed with regeneration partners.  Results will be used to:

  • Encourage partners’ resources to focus in the right areas
  • Help ensure EHDC and partners achieve the best outcomes for Whitehill & Bordon in the future
  • Act as a benchmark for future assessments as the regeneration proceeds

Please find the full survey report here.

New town centre

With the population predicted to increase by around 7,000 residents, the regeneration includes the development of a thriving new town centre which will include community spaces to integrate the existing and new residents. The new town centre will be located on Prince Philip Park and will include a new leisure centre, health hub and public service hub as well as an array of shops, restaurants and commercial office spaces. Parts of the Green Grid and the introduction of a transport hub will help ensure that the town centre is easily accessible. Key elements of the new town centre, including several shops and restaurants, are expected to open end 2019.

Culture, Arts & Heritage

Consideration for culture, arts & heritage is an essential part of the regeneration and a working group has been establish to ensure a co-ordinated, town-wide approach to arts, heritage & culture. Maintaining a link to Whitehill & Bordon’s garrison history will be highlighted through the retention of key military buildings, the use of royal artillery red in paintwork and the use of the parade square as a community space.

Whitehill & Bordon Community Trust

A new charitable Community Trust has been established in Whitehill & Bordon which aims to:

  • Initiate, coordinate and deliver community development and cultural activities creating a thriving integrated community.
  • Own, maintain and effectively manage any endowed community land and buildings
  • Bolster the cultural and artistic life in the town
  • Promote healthy living through promotion of sporting activities
  • Provide a range of activities for all ages through engagement with young people
  • Foster entrepreneurship in the town especially for young people and those residents find it difficult to access employment opportunities.

Information about the Community Trust and their activities can be found here.