Whitehill & Bordon’s transformation, includes 3,500 new jobs, a new town centre, new schools and new leisure facilities, hopes to create a more active, vibrant and resilient community. The project is already well underway and the project partners aim to keep current residents actively involved in the regeneration process. As a result, a group known as Xchange has been established.

Xchange is a group of organisations whose common goal is to keep residents updated on the regeneration plans via electronic updates.

The organisations involved are:

  • Community First
  • East Hampshire District Council
  • Hampshire County Council
  • Homes England
  • Local churches
  • Abri
  • Whitehill & Bordon Community Trust
  • Whitehill & Bordon Regeneration Company
  • Whitehill & Bordon Town Partnership
  • Whitehill Town Council

Xchange members work together to ensure that comments and queries raised from the community are responded to. Members attend events, such as the WBTP Summer Fun Day, to promote the regeneration and answer questions about the project. The group additionally facilitates events wherein residents, community groups and charities can receive updates on the regeneration and put forward their views.

Xchange worked on a project to improve access to community information for both existing and new residents ensuring that newcomers to the town can integrate quickly into their local community. Part of this project includes a directory of community organisations and a community events calendar.