Hogmoor Inclosure is the third largest SANG (Suitable Area of Natural Greenspace) in the UK.

Over 54 hectares of woodland and heathland (equivalent to 70 football pitches) is available for the community to use for recreation. The community can enjoy walking, play park, picnics, wildlife spotting, to sit and relax and be involved in a whole range of events and activities.For more information on local events and activities, please click here.

Restoring the habitat

The initial phase of woodland clearing on Hogmoor Inclosure has been completed, paving the way for the re-introduction of heathland, a natural ecology that is essential to creating a diverse wildlife habitat. A big step in the creation of the proposed Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace (SANG).

So far almost five hectares of predominately pine planation woodland within Hogmoor Inclosure has been cleared with a view to creating a heathland habitat and bringing back species that used to live there as well as encouraging existing bat, bird and reptile populations. Clearing work will now be stopping in order to minimise disturbance during the important bird nesting season.

The improvements to Hogmoor Inclosure will respect the historic character of the site and provide a range of habitats for people and wildlife and, once completed, the inclosure will boast an additional 7.1 hectares of open heathland, on top of the existing 1.2 hectares that is being retained. This will open up the area to restore the habitats that previously existed on Hogmoor for many centuries.