East Hampshire District Council is seeking the views of local residents on housing designs that could support low-car lifestyles in Whitehill & Bordon. 

Low-car living means less driving and less space devoted to residential parking. It is one option for helping to address the climate crisis through the council’s emerging Local Plan.

The council wants to hear local residents’ thoughts on this and residents can have their say by taking part in a consultation this summer.

As part of the town’s regeneration into a green, healthy and connected place EHDC wants to make sure new housing is delivered in the most eco-friendly way, using land efficiently and supporting a high quality of life.

Cllr Angela Glass, EHDC’s Portfolio Holder for Planning, said:

“We are looking at low-car lifestyles that could change the way our towns and villages look in the future.

“There are lots of exciting possibilities and we need to find out from local people what they want and how they see the town developing in future.

“Could more be done to encourage walking and cycling? Can we get fewer cars on the road and still enjoy convenient and efficient travel?

“We fully appreciate that other mechanisms need to be put in place to reduce the reliance on the use of the car – particularly improved public transport – but there’s a lot we can do to tackle the climate crisis.

“We want your views on housing designs that could support low-car lifestyles in Whitehill & Bordon.

“Go to our consultation, have a look at the ideas and designs it offers and then have your say.”

The consultation runs from Monday 18 July to Tuesday 30 August.

Can we live with fewer cars? Have your say on a low-car future