Volunteers were invited to take part in a community bulb planting event. as part of the Green Loop Wayfinding project on Tuesday 26th October 2021.

Over the course of two sessions on the day over 4,500 bulbs were planted including bluebells, wild garlic, snowdrops and daffodils amongst others, at several locations, around some of the wayfinding markers along the Green Loop.


As part of the Green Loop project, the Wayfinding Project will help make it easier for pedestrians and cyclists to navigate and move around the town, by installing signage and public realm enhancements.

East Hampshire District Council has been working with Urban Place Lab, Hampshire County Council , along with the support of Whitehill Town Council to develop this further.

The bulb planting event was part of the second stage of the wayfinding project to try and  create a sense of discovery, reward, rest and play called “Diamond Moments”, which was something that came out of the engagement with local children through some of the local school’s.

The volunteers, including adults and children took part in this healthy half term activity and worked very hard to plant a spring surprise for Whitehill and Bordon.  We can’t wait to see the results next year! Thank you for helping to make Whitehill and Bordon beautiful.


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Whitehill & Bordon Community Bulb Planting Event